Welcome to THE PATH of Hockey!  Here you will find the resources that you need to elevate your game, no matter what your skill level is.  Simply click on your stair on the pyramid below, and you’ll find hockey resources that include league information, cutting-edge skill videos, nutritional information and much more.  Whether you want to find out what it takes to move from PeeWees to Bantams, examine your options at the Midget level, or climb all the way to the top, we invite you to “face off” and navigate your way up THE PATH!

“I want to include every kid’s opportunity to follow THE PATH.” — Dean Nordstrom, at a staff brainstorming meeting.

And that is what THE PATH is about: Opportunity.

We invite you to click around: Explore. Discover. Decide! The opportunities are many. This browsing-friendly graphic tool is designed to reveal your options and guide you towards the proper places to according to your needs.