Off-Ice Training


    Competing in Colorado: Does Altitude Matter?

    Playing hockey in Colorado is different. It’s very competitive, and there are many quality programs to get involved with from an early age. We have a storied NHL franchise in the Avalanche and an incredible college team at University of Denver. Colorado has a thriving economy, which allows families the luxury of being able to […]

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  • Goalie Image

    Off-Ice Training for Goalies with Chris Phillips

    Today’s article is a guest post from Chris Phillips, an Athletic Trainer and Strength and Conditioning Coach that runs a facility called Compete Sports Performance and Rehab in Southern California. Before opening Compete, Chris spent 8 years working in the NHL. It’s always great to get someone’s perspective that has worked at the highest levels, […]

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  • Speed Skating

    THE Six Exercises to Improve Your Speed Skating

    Nearly every hockey player who comes through the doors of my facility asks, “How can I skate faster?” Besides your innate game sense and competitiveness, skating is the most important and improvable skill to enhance your hockey game. Here are six top exercises you should incorporate into your hockey training to increase your skating speed. […]

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  • Warm Up

    Prevent Common Sports Injuries With These Six Guidelines

    As an athletic trainer and strength coach, I’m often asked how athletes can avoid injuries. Here are the best ways that I’ve found to prevent injuries in my athletes. 1. Perform a Good Dynamic Warm-Up A good dynamic warm-up consists of many components, most of which are fine to use—assuming basic principles are applied. Exercises […]

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  • Train Outside

    Why You Should Exercise Outside This Winter

    Training in the gym is better than not training at all, but there are a surprising number of benefits to layering up and exercising in the cold. Here are seven reasons why you should suck it up and train outside even during winter’s frigid temperatures. You’ll Burn More Calories In colder temperatures, the body needs […]

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  • Reduce tight hamstrings

    How to Reduce Tight Hamstrings – Without Stretches!

    If you’re a hockey player, you may be all too familiar with the problem of tight hamstrings, which don’t loosen with stretching. Until you solve the underlying reason why your hamstrings are tight, you’ll be wasting most of your mobility and stretching efforts. Here are some fixes for chronic tightness in the hamstrings, followed by a […]

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  • 2010-04-05strength

    PDI Gets Inside the DU Weight Room with Matt Shaw

      Have you ever wondered what workouts are like as a college athlete? PDI‘s Paul Santrizos goes inside the University of Denver weight room with Strength and Conditioning Coach, Matt Shaw, to talk training. Watch below to see the DU men’s hockey team run through plyometric exercises to build explosiveness, footwork and agility ladders to […]

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  • SixZero_1


    About Six Zero Strength & Fitness Six Zero Strength & Fitness prides itself on building better athletes and we will help you reach your athletic goals. We specialize in working with Professional, High School & Young Athletes. ~Football technique & skill position work ~Keeping your edge while maintaining a high level of endurance and strength […]

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  • Rampage365Performance

    Colorado Rampage Spring/Summer Training 2013

    Credit: Colorado Rampage Hockey AAA / 365 Performance  

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