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Updated: December 24, 2014

Welcome, you have found the most productive hockey skill development program in the country. I am sure you have witnessed many different teaching philosophies and it is sometimes difficult to differentiate one from the other. I will attempt to educate you so you can make informed decisions as to where you choose to send your child for hockey training.


One of the reasons I have included checking instruction into my curriculum is because over the years, every program I have witnessed has simply sent kids out to hurt each other without teaching them how to properly execute the most dangerous tactic in the game.

We teach the proper way to check and we teach the true definition of checking (it’s not what most players think it is). Every aspect of checking is broken down into teaching modules that accelerate the learning and confidence of all of our students. These important checking skills have to be broken down properly to ensure the effectiveness and safety of our young athletes.

Defensive Checking

Every year parents and coaches send their 13 year old children out on the ice to face one of the most dangerous and frightening experience of their lives…CHECKING.

This program teaches contact awareness and confidence. The program teaches kids how to be safe when playing in the most dangerous area of the ice, along the boards. We teach the three types of pressure and how to defend yourself from hits from behind and the goon tactics that many coaches are teaching right now to be unleashed on your child

Research has proven that serious injury rates double once body checking is introduced. Why? Its not the player delivering the hit, its the player being hit that gets the fractured arm or concussion. This program will arm your child with the tools to reduce the occurrence of such injuries.

Hockey Skating and Battle Skills Camp

Students will be “Taught” how to compete for time, space, territory and loose pucks. Most programs simply run players through a series of drills just for the sake of doing drills. We commit our time teaching our students how to compete and battle safely using good defensive tactics and techniques. A large portion of the program will include our Hockey Skating and Checking Skills curriculum which will include drills dedicated to body contact confidence and awareness which is useful for players of all ages. Our “Heads up program” will be an integral part of our Battle Skills curriculum.


Hockey Skating and Transition Camp

With over 60% of all goals being scored off of transitional hockey, I thought, “Why don’t more schools teach transitional conversion and defense?” With that in mind, I decided to do it myself and offer the only camp of its kind.

In this camp, you will learn how to identify trouble before it happens and how to convert turnovers into goals. As with all Townshend Hockey programs, we also include our own Hockey Skating and Checking Program. I can assure you that your child has never been exposed to a program that is this comprehensive and dynamic before. As with all of our programs, all of the skills are broken down into teaching modules that accelerate the learning and confidence of all of our students.

Hockey Skating and Scoring Skills Camp

The two most important skills in the game! This program combines my unique Hockey Skating program with scoring tactics and 15 scoring techniques and tactics used by today’s best NHLer’s. These tactics were discovered through hours of research using the most up-to-date video analysis software only used by 5 NHL teams!

Learn the tight jam, the figure 8, and much more. I have also added my one and only “Power Play concept’s training program”. Ever wonder why some players make the PP and some don’t? Well there are very specific skills NHL coaches want to see, for example “quick decisive puck movement, the ability to know when and how to attack seams. All this and more will be addressed. No other camp in North America offers a Power Play skills program.

The key concepts taught will include cut backs, acceleration, advanced edgework and over-speed training. Scoring skills covered include; tip-ins, shooting in stride, one timers, rebounds and more. Additionally, our innovative puck handling circuit is unmatched by any other school in the country. We will also introduce our camp attendees to our incredible Variable Goals Training (VGT) curriculum; we’ve been getting such great reviews from parents, coaches and players, that we just pumped it up with new drills and skills.

Hockey Skating and Defensemen Camp

While some camps make the claim, Townshend Hockey’s is truly the ultimate defensemen’s camp! This camp was designed for defensemen by defensemen. As the man responsible for the skating development of all of our defensemen in San Jose I can assure you that this program is not taught anywhere as I was the one who designed it.

As a Division I College defenseman, I went from producing 6 points my sophomore year to 20 points my junior year. This camp will teach your child how I was able to make such a large gain in points scored over the course of one year. Topics include, battle skills, checking, defending the rush, neutral zone counters, defensive zone play (protecting the “House”), net front defense, joining the rush, shot selection and learning how to get shots to the net.

Hockey Skating and Acceleration Camp

This camp is all about speed, speed and more speed! This camp features my signature Hockey Skating program at high speeds. It is HIGHLY recommended that you attend one of my other Hockey Skating Programs in the past before attempting my Acceleration Program. Every skill is done at top speed with the use of the latest training methods used in the NHL. Ramp up your game by attending this program.

Hockey Skating and Stickhandling Camp

We have spent several months studying the world’s best stickhandling programs and have chosen the most effective drills and moves that can be used to develop high level stickhandling skills.  Through this process, we have developed our very own system of teaching effective, game ready stickhandling skills and moves through our signature “talent building system”.

Through our philosophy of “deep practice” and thoughtful repeated movements, our students learn and retain skills at an alarming rate.  We will feature 3 practical and repeatable moves/dekes that your child will master and use immediately in games.

Goaltending Camp

We are pleased to announce a new partnership with François Allaire International Goaltending Programs. Allaire is the goaltending coach for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

This partnership will provide for a 5 day goalie program at each of our SUNY Morrisville camps and each day will include 2 ice training sessions that will be made appropriate for students from Atom—Midget levels. There will also be off ice tactical sessions including review of NHL goaltenders techniques.

We are thrilled with the opportunity to grow our goalie training through François’ top instructors. He is known as “the goalie guru” and we know that our goalies will benefit from the knowledge and training his program provides. We will only take 9 goalies per week for each of our weeks at SUNY Morrisville, with a 3:1 student/instructor ratio, so be certain to register early at to ensure your spot.

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