Pabst Pond Hockey Tournament

Updated: January 21, 2015
Pabst Tournament


It is with great pride and a deep respect for our humble beginning that we continue to produce the largest pond hockey tournament west of the Mississippi. Our goal however, is never to be the ‘largest’ tournament in the world. Our goal is to be the BEST pond hockey tournament in the world. By limiting the amount of teams each year, we are able to focus more on the players, actually getting to know many of you individually, and it enables us to deliver more benefits and an overall more premium experience to each of the teams.

In every step of the planning process, YOU, the players, are on our minds. We will continue to work our asses off, pull all-nighters, all-dayers, chug coffee and drink Red Bulls to bring you the best and most unique pond hockey tournament experience you and your team will ever have. Then we’ll celebrate with an ice cold Pabst, recover with a Muscle Milk… and do it all again. The point is, rest assured you’re in for the ‘Best Damn Pond Hockey Tournament’ you’ll ever find. See you in the Rockies!





Each of the divisions are set up identically. Your team will first be placed in a round robin pool with other random teams within your division throughout 10-11 rinks, all which have boards. Your team will play four games in this pool. After the four games, top teams from each pool will move on to the finals bracket. In the event there is a tie, the team with the least ‘Goals Against’ will advance. If it is still tied, the teams will have a shootout which will include 3 players per team. The team with the most goals wins. A puck will be flipped to decide which team shoots first.


Each game is staffed with a Volunteer from our charitable youth sports partners. These volunteers act as scorekeepers and game monitors. They are NOT trained ice hockey referees! What does this mean? It means that you play each and every game with integrity and honesty, calling infractions on your own team and keeping the other team honest – The way we all played as kids on the pond. Our scorekeepers will call infractions as necessary. If you cause havoc in the least, you are out. That is NOT what this tournament is about. If you don’t understand what this means, we’ll be very happy when we don’t see you again. Click HERE for rules.​


Colorado Pond Hockey Tournament

The Recess Factory

PO BOX 598

ERIE, CO 80516


Phone: 855-RECESS1

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