An Inside Perspective with Pat Bingham

Updated: February 16, 2015
Pat Bingham
An interview with President Pat Bingham – An inside perspective!
As we start out the 2015 year, we took some time to sit down with Coach Pat Bingham and ask him a few questions.
Q: Pat, what is your history with the club?
A: “I have been with the Rampage in several capacities as a Coach, Advisor and Hockey Director since 2012. I am a former professional player and a coach with a passion for teaching young people the great game of hockey and developing each athlete to their potential. Being hame President is very special to me and I am grateful to the Rampage for pro diving me with this opportunity.” 
Q: Why did you want to be President of the club… it takes a tremendous amount of time?
A: “My passion for the sport really is what drives me to lead the club. Andrew Sherman has worked very hard for the past 15 years to get the Rampage to the successful position we find ourselves in now. I want to do whatever I can to help our club become an industry leader in youth hockey. It is a great honor and a privilege to work for so many up and coming young players and with Andrew who has done so much for the organization.” 
Q: What are the 3 major challenges the club faces moving forward? 
A: “Two major areas come to mind that are a big part of player development. 1. Figuring out the best way to handle the club’s growth patter. 2. Working with and adding to our very talented coaching staff on the best ways to develop our players so they can all reach their potential, are the first two that come to mind. Last but not least is parent education. Helping our members to understand the process of Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD) and that player development is more a marathon than a sprint is a constant challenge.”
Q: Can you list 3 areas of development in the club that have sculpted our solid foundation?
A: “High quality coaching staff, dedicated hard working staff members and team angers, and 2 ice sheets with an on-site training factuality here at the Colorado Sports Center.” 
Q: For members who have questions about the club, or wonder why things are done the way they are, what is the best way for them to get more information or get those topics addressed?
A: “Members are encouraged to talk with their son or daughter’s coach, or feel free to request a meeting with myself or Andrew Sherman any time at the rink. My door is always open to discuss your questions and concerns!”
Q: What is your number one goal as President as we sit here today?
A: “To provide a great experience for every player and family, provide a quality program for athlete development, and to make sure it is fun and life enriching.”
Q: What do you dislike about the game and around the rink?
A: “I would say there is too much emphasis on winning. Don’t get me wrong, I love to win as much as anyone else out there, but too many times I see parents, players and coaches equating success with a simple “W” or what the stat sheet says. What’s really important is that our players are learning how to play the game the right way with emphasis on attitude and effort, improving every year, making lifelong friendships, and most importantly having fun. If a kid steps off the ice with a smile on his face and can’t wait to come back to the rink, that’s a W to me.”
Q: What do you like the most about he sport of hockey and this season?
A: “For all the years I have been involved with the game, including playing as a kid, the thing I love best about our game is the challenges of playing, trying new things and the competition. Hockey is hard, it can be difficult and it is not for everyone. Hockey is the greatest of all team sports. It teaches young people valuable lessons that prepare them for life’s ups and downs, working with others, and pushing themselves. I consider it an honor and a privilege to be in the position to pass on my knowledge of the game and encourage people to strive to achieve their goals in hockey and in life. When I see and hear stories about our Rampage playing their hearts out with great effort and positive attitude, I know we are succeeding.”
Q: And finally, with being at the halfway point of this season, what would you say are the best measures of success for our Rampage teams for the second half? 
A: “If you take a look at how far our players have come this season, in skill development, skating and work ethic, we are really starting to compete at an even higher level with the experience, practices and effort on every team. It’s resulting in more key hockey plays, like winning board battles, better defensive challenges, forcing plays, being in position and overall better quality of all important practices. Maybe not he W on that stat sheet, but truly should be framed as a success to our athletes. We are proud of the players and know that with encouragement and their continued commitment, effort and willingness to improve, the second half will have many Ws!” 

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